about Mari


After graduating my high school exchange year in Seattle USA, I went to Brisbane Australia to pursue the bible, coffee and photography. Later I started studying at Bilder Nordic School of Photography in Oslo, Norway, while I was working in Speciality Coffee at Supreme Roastworks and Nømad Coffee, Barcelona Spain. 

Now I work as a freelance photographer based in Oslo, Norway, working with portraiture, wedding and lifestyle photography. I shoot using natural light and like to combine portraiture with nature – discovering beauty, value and identity in humanity. I am influenced by my travels and the people I meet on the way.

I photograph because the camera lets me see more clearly. Wonder and awe is found between my eyes and the world, letting the camera capture what I didn’t see before. Having a camera, I let myself experience life in a new way, I feel more present with it. I appreciate nature more. I appreciate people more. Being able to capture moments of beauty, light and wonder inspires me to stay curious.