New York City

The time has come. Weeks of adventuring, exploring, creating and seeing other parts of the world this time around has finally come. I´m taking off work for about two months to see parts of the United States I´ve never visited, and also returning to some of my favorite cities. 

First up,

For this trip, I´m exploring the human experience walking the busy streets of Manhattan. I am exploring moments in time, light and shadow hitting the tall buildings of NYC and having fun with letting go of perfection and embracing street photography. For a long time I have been working on capturing moments, people and places in "just the right way", perfecting angles, light and composition. Here in New York I'm letting go of that. Here - I will focus on capturing moments that occur in a second - and letting my camera follow them wildly. Angles will be tilted, light will at some times be random and some shots may be out of focus. I'm excited to let go, have fun and explore New York freely! 


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