Knut's Bod

     As a photographer, I am drawn to stories that portray beauty and value – stories that makes a difference and capturing something of influence. I love working with people in an environment, learning about who they are and what their story is.

     This project about my grandfather’s bod, is a story very close to my heart. My grandfather is an 80-year-old engineer that fixes and restores broken objects to new use – made of materials collected and stored in his bod over the years. He always sees the potential in broken objects, and would never throw them away as our modern day society would do. He is from a time where they valued what they had, and would make the most of it. Today, we buy so we can throw away – because we know we can buy the same thing again, because it is easier. This story portrays my grandpa and who he is – and is also a criticism to our modern day society.

mari strømsbo gjørv