Seattle - the city I came to as a curious and wanderlust 16 year old, to experience a new culture and a new country I would call my home for the next 10 months. During this time, eight years ago now, I went to Shorecrest High School as a senior exchange student. Coming to the "land of the brave, land of the free" was a long wanted dream come ture. In this beautiful city of the North  West, I learned to speak a language fluently, I experienced sports culture and I got friends that has been close to my life since. This was one of my life's greatest decisions - and returning to this city has been like coming home ever since. Thankful for days of exploring in the urban jungle and also seeing new sights in the Olympic National Parks and in the Snoqualmie Falls area. Here are some shots from the stay in the Evergreen State!


mari strømsbo gjørv